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Carbon Hood Gurney

¥90,000 (+tax)

SACHS 3way Suspension Kit

¥1,150,000 (税別)

SACHS 2way Suspension Kit

¥898,000 (税別)

Carbon A-Pillar Set

¥190,000 (+tax)

Carbon Front Face Kit

¥790,000 (+tax)

Carbon Racing Bonnet

¥590,000 +TAX

Carbon Trunk Hood

¥310,000 +tax

Carbon Rear Fender Set

¥1,280,000 +tax

Carbon SL Brake System

¥1,450,000 +TAX

Carbon Rear Bumper

¥480,000 +TAX

Carbon Side Skirt Set

¥370,000 +TAX

Carbon Rear Diffuser

¥250,000 +TAX

Carbon Rear Under Spoiler

¥240,000 +TAX

Carbon Front Fender Set

¥420,000 +TAX

Carbon Roof

¥330,000 +tax